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Rafael Pérez de Obanos

Ingeniero Superior en Automática y Electrónica Industrial.







Expertise Electrical Engineer, over 34 years working in charge of design and maintenance of electrical facilities. energy efficiency and solar panels, systems of uninterrupted supply (UPS) and development and execution of intelligent facilities.

Along his career, ha has worked at multinational companies as Scglumberger or PDVSA.

 Graduated in 1983 for the University Simón Bolivar, Venezuela. Award winner in the International Systems Conference, Conicit.

 - Palco Canarias

Francisco Palazón

Project Manager








Expertise Construction Manager, over 16 years of experience, specialized in simultaneous commercial construction projects under stressed deadlines and accurate finishing. 

Managing over sixty projects investing more than sixty million Euros.

Skilled leading medium projects as supermarkets, commercial premises and offices.

Palco Canarias

Palco Canarias